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Year 6B Class Page

Year 6B are known as the 'Brainy Badgers' led by Mr Howells as the class teacher, with Mrs Morgan and Mrs Sharpe as the teaching assistants. 


Spring Term 2020

In Year 6 our new topic is 'Is there anybody out there?' During this term we will be looking at the Earth, moon and sun through our science lessons and in history we are focussing on the space race. The children are already sharing their facts about this subject and are excited to learn more. On top of this, we will continue to work on our reading, writing and maths. In class we are currently reading Kensuke's Kingdom


Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to 6B. This first term our unit is 'Angry Planet' where we will have a geography and history focus. In geography, we will be looking at natural disasters, how and where they occur and the effect that has on communities and the world. In history, we are looking at WWII, in particular the Blitz, and how that affected not only our country but also the world. We will, of course, still be working on English and Maths with a particular focus on reading.