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Year 3 Class Page

Year 3 are known as the 'Cheerful Cheetahs' led by Miss Ewer as the class teacher, with Mrs Marsh as the teaching assistant.       

Summer Term 2021

Our final topic in Year 3 is Ancient Egypt. The children will be finding out about how Egypt fits into history in relation to other civilisations along with learning about mummification, Pharaohs, the belief system and much more. During art and DT lessons, we will be designing and making our own crowns or headdresses and canopic jars.

Our English will link closely to our topic, firstly looking at historical narratives, before moving on explanations and information to showcase our new learning. The children will also have a go at writing in hieroglyphics.

For the first half term, the children will be taking part in two excellent sessions each week: music for wellbeing, and learning from a specialist dance teacher. 

Our Maths learning will focus on number and place value, ensuring confidence in this before moving on to calculations, fractions and measurement. We will be regularly working on Maths facts, such as times tables, number bonds and mental arithmetic. 

Our Science will be focusing on living things and their habitats for the first half term, before finishing with forces.

We will be continuing to follow our Jigsaw scheme for RSE, looking at relationships to begin with, before ending the year with Changing Me. 

Amongst all of this, the children have got some very exciting activities organised for our WOW days. It is going to be a busy but brilliant term!


Autumn Term 2020

We have a very fun term in store. Our topic is 'The Stone Age' so we will be thinking about life in prehistoric times! The children will be exploring what life was like in Stone Age times, how they provided food and where they lived. Whilst learning, we also have some very exciting WOW activities planned...! Our art will be based around cave paintings, silhouettes and Celtic art. 

Our English topics fit in with our History learning and we will be using some exciting texts to support this. We will be writing a narrative, completing a diary entry, exploring instructions and some prehistoric poetry too. The children will be continuing to practise their joins with the aim of earning their pen license for consistently neat and correctly joined writing. Children will also be receiving spellings to learn each week, which will be assessed on a weekly basis.

Our Maths learning will focus on the basics of number and place value. We will be learning our times tables, with weekly assessments to support this. 

This term we will have a real focus on wellbeing and growth mindset. Our Jigsaw RHE scheme will support this, alongside regular check ins with the children.

It's going to be a brilliant term!