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Year 3 Class Page

Year 3 are the ‘Amazing Ants'. Our teacher is Mr Everett and Mrs Byard is our teaching assistant.

Summer 2019

This term Year 3 will be going back to Ancient Egypt for our Topic - 'Tomb Raider'. We will be learning about life in Ancient Egypt including how they made pyramids and mummified bodies. In art, we will be making cartouches and canopic jars and and in science we will look at how we can stop something decaying (like the Egyptians did with their mummies). We are really looking forward to finding out more about our topic over the term


Spring 2019

In Year 3 this term, our theme is 'Bright Sparks', where we will be learning about electricity.


Autumn 2018

This term our topic is 'Kings of the Stone Age'. We have already had a visit from a caveman, hunted mammoth and gone foraging for food. We are looking forward to discovering more about the Stone Age during this term.