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Year 1 are known as the 'Curious Cats' led by Miss Oakley as the class teacher, with Mrs Mabbutt and Mrs Byard as the teaching assistants.

Spring Term 2020

This term our topic theme is 'Carnival of the Animals'.  For this we will be looking at different habitats around the world and how animals and nature have adapted to their surroundings.  We will look specifically at Rainforests, polar and woodland environments.  The children will use the topic to complete non-fiction writing as well as looking at world geography and environmental impacts.  We hope to have lots of fun whilst learning about the world around us.


Autumn Term 2019

Welcome back to a brand new school year. Year 1 are the 'Curious Cats' this year and we are all looking forward to lots of incredible learning based around the theme of 'London - Past and Present'. We will be looking at the Great Fire of London and events that lead up to it. We will create the houses and write diaries. After half term we will move onto present day London looking at famous landmarks and contrasting city life with ours in Kingsthorpe. 

As we make the transition from Foundation Stage to year 1 we will be increasing the amount of formal recording gradually with lots of practical activities to aid our learning.