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'Enabling individual potential through positivity and creativity'

About Our School


Vision & Values

Here at Kingsthorpe Village Primary School, we support British Values including democracy, tolerance of others and mutual respect. Everyone at Kingsthorpe Village Primary is a valued member of the school. The school has a strong culture of TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) that flows throughout the school supported by our five Golden Rules. We recently surveyed teachers, pupils, governors and parents to identify common values which are now being taught and modelled to the children at the school. Each term, we focus on one specific value and collect value pebbles in recognition of the value being demonstrated which then accumulate into a whole school reward / shared experience.

The school recognises the need for a broad, inclusive and balanced curriculum and aims to deliver this through an effective teaching and learning approach that allows for and enables creativity. We recognise and promote different teaching styles amongst the staff and share effective strategies and practice. We also facilitate different learning styles for our pupils and provide strategies for the children to understand and reflect upon their own learning at the school. The development of inspirational learning environments which captures the children’s imagination is key in our school vision. We aim to enable effective life-long learners through enjoyment and excellence. We avoid placing a ceiling on learning and strive for deep learning opportunities and experiences.

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