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Summer 2019

This term the children will be learning about the importance of lookingafter plants and how to help them grow. They will develop their exploration and observational skills throughout this theme. We will start off our learning with a senses Spring walk. Similarly, the children will develop their own sense of being a class family andworking as a team to help each other learn.


Spring 2019

This term we will be sailing the seven seas and take our learning to new places. We will continue to expand on our phonic knowledge and learn about 'reading for pleasure' e.g. how to use pictures in a book and spot key words. From our WOW day we have become a stronger team of shipmates and will continue to develop our team values with a focus on 'respect'.


Autumn 2018

Welcome to the start and what we see as the root of your child’s learning adventure. Reception each day begins with the children coming into school and then self-registering before choosing their independent learning around the classroom. We are really looking forward to working with and developing their learning journey. The first few weeks of term will be a settling in period for the class when we will be supporting the children in learning routines of the day and exploring their new school. We will also spend time observing the children to help us plan for their needs and interests. During the first term children will be exploring learning through the theme ‘All About Me’. Once the children start full – time on October 1st, learning letter sounds will become part of their daily learning in Reception. We will work on exploring the world with our different senses and work on developing their Personal, Social and Emotional skills to become comfortable in their surroundings.

Children will investigate and explore their new surroundings and get to know each other whilst developing relationships with their new teachers and other members of staff in our school. Children will learn and follow our school routines and behaviour expectations and will be thinking about ‘What makes us special.’

At this stage of the children’s development most of our learning is done through a physical hands on approach. Children will be assessed on their knowledge of numbers and counting as well as colours and shape through observations.

Our outside area will be set up to include balance beams, tricycles, wheeled walkers, musical instruments, skittles, sand/water tray and a variety of fine motor skilled activities such as cutting, tweezer handling, tracing and a selection of malleable materials will also be present. Children will enhance their physical development in fine motor skills through handwriting based activities (patterns, tracing and mark making).

Children this half term will paint self-portraits of themselves using mirrors to concentrate on features. This links to our topic ‘All About Me’ and allows the children to begin to notice differences between each other. This is discussed during circle times and whilst painting. Children will explore our creative areas and will participate in a wide range of activities ranging from colouring and drawing to sticking and painting. They will explore role play and imaginative small world play.

Our aim is for children to become confident to use all areas of Reception. Children will get to know new friends, teachers, routines and our new school. Children will use a range of strategies to take turns and share and use these skills in their play.If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask the Reception team anything – big or small. We are here to share your child’s journey together.

Many thanks,

The Reception Team.


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