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'Enabling individual potential through positivity and creativity'

About Our School



The school prospectus provides information about our school that will help you in making your decisions on your child's education. It includes 

  • our vision for the school
  • our aims and mission
  • the school day and how learning is carried out
  • summaries of key policies such as inclusion, Special Educational Needs, anti-bullying, equality, welfare and health.

Whether you have expressed an interest in our school for the first time or you are an existing parent or carer, you will want to know as much as possible about us in order to make the right decisions for your child’s future. In particular you need to know about things that we consider important so that we can work together to achieve the best education for your child.

At Kingsthorpe Village Primary, we aim for our children to grow as outstanding learners with the skills and confidence to take on whatever challenges the 21st century may bring. Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff provide a caring and challenging environment in which children thrive.

We believe that our school should be a place where the children are happy and safe, but at the same time a place where they will be challenged to do their best; a place where they are encouraged to achieve regardless of ability, and a place where their achievements will be recognised giving them a sense of pride. This is achieved through co-operation and a sense of self-discipline from pupils, staff and parents.

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