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Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of your child, whilst in school, is vitally important to us. Mrs Tillman is the Mental Health leader in the school and can assist you with any queries or issues you may have around the well-being of your child. Our part-time Family Link Worker, Mrs Sharpe, is also available to support you if required.

The Family Link Worker also liaises with our Extended Services co-ordinator who organises many of the holiday clubs and parenting courses you may wish to consider at some time. We have receive regular correspondence from this service and will place a link to these when appropriate.

Your child’s attendance is also part of the role of the Family Link Worker, so please, always feel free to contact Mrs Sharpe should you ever have any concerns about your child’s attendance. The school would rather we discuss the matter before it becomes an issue for your child’s education.

We have been successful in gaining the 'Targeted Mental Health in Schools' silver accreditation for our effective work on managing and maintaining a positive mental health for children, staff and parents.

As a school, we have recognised the importance of improving mental health for children and staff. Mrs Tillman is the lead member of staff for mental health. 

Whilst providing support in school for positive mental health, we have also worked closely with external services to gain a deeper understanding of mental health, strategies and advice. We have key members of staff trained to deal with elements of mental health issues, such as anxiety, bereavement, separation and attachment.