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Learning Logs

Learning Logs are a way of making homework more personal and fun.

Each child has an A4 book in which to record their responses to learning challenges set by the class teacher. Each log is a unique record of the child's thinking and learning.

Tasks will be set in the form of a menu, that is relevant to learning taking place in the classroom. Children are given the opportunity to respond to this in their own individual way and each Learning Log is unique. The work needs to be well presented but the way that children choose to do this is up to them. It might include written accounts, fold-out charts, pictures, diagrams etc.

If you want to find out more about Learning Logs, and see examples, you can do this by going to Learning Logs online at


Homework Menu


Homework at Kingsthorpe Village Primary will consist of essential weekly tasks such as reading and spelling as well as specific tasks from the Homework Menu that will be completed in the children’s learning logs.

The Homework Menu for your child can be found on their class page of the website.

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