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About Our School


Meeting Structure

As well as the Full Governing Body (FGB), there are two committees which meet at least once per term. These are the Finance and Business Management Committee (FBM) and the Standards, Quality and Curriculum Committee (SQC).


Forthcoming Meetings

23 January 2019 - Finance and Business Management

27 February 2019 - Full Governing Body

27 March 2019 - Finance and Business Management

3 April 2019 - Standards, Quality and Curriculum

24 April 2019 - Full Governing Body/Finance and Business Management

12 June 2019 - Finance and Business Management

10 July 2019 - Full Governing Body/Standards, Quality and Curriculum

Governors Information

The Governing Board of Kingsthorpe Village Primary School is made up of volunteers from the local and wider community, plus the Headteacher, two parent governors and a Member of Staff.  The role of the Governing Board is defined in its constitution.Governors work alongside the school, giving support and challenge in order to provide the best education possible for our pupils. Working in partnership with the head and other staff, the Governors are involved in:

  • Establishing and developing the strategic direction of the school, in collaboration with the Head teacher/leadership team, staff, parents/carers, pupils and other stakeholders;
  • Setting the school's aims and policies;
  • Improving standards of teaching and achievement;
  • Setting the school's budget plan and monitoring expenditure;
  • Interviewing and appointing teachers and support staff;
  • Dealing with complaints about the school;
  • Drawing up an action plan after an inspection and monitoring the success of the plan;
  • Monitoring progress for priorities identified in the School Improvement Plan;
  • Monitoring pupil progress, attainment and assessment, including the comparative performance of vulnerable and other groups and how this compares to internal trends and national performance indicators;
  • Monitoring and ensuring safeguarding and health and safety.

This doesn’t mean that we manage the school, instead we act as a ‘critical friend’, supporting and challenging the school to do even better.  As Governors, this means that we also have the responsibility to act in a certain way and this is outlined in our Code of Conduct and the 7 Nolan principles of public life, namely,

Selflessness - Integrity - Objectivity - Accountability - Openness - Honesty and Leadership

Governing Body Roles

Committees:Finance & Business Management (FBM) / Standards, Quality & Curriculum (SQC)

Project Teams: External Communication Project Team (CPT) / Funding Project Team (FPT)


Governing Body Structure


Pecuniary Interests

School Governors must declare any pecuniary interests which may impact the discussions and decisions made by the Governing Body. You can view the Register Of Interests below.


Record of Attendance for 2017 - 2018