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Code Of Behaviour

Good behaviour is an essential condition for effective learning and teaching to take place. At Kingsthorpe Village Primary School, we believe that pupils and staff have the right to work in an environment that is safe, friendly, peaceful and fair.

Our behaviour policy is based upon 5 golden rules, which are

We will:

  • Care and Share
  • Show Respect
  • Have Fun
  • Try Hard
  • Work Together

We encourage good patterns of behaviour by:

  • using non verbal signals e.g. thumbs up, a smile
  • giving positive verbal comments and praise
  • writing positive and constructive comments in books
  • giving children responsibility
  • sharing positive aspects of behaviour with others
  • possible referral of child to Behaviour Mentor
  • awarding house points, certificates and stickers
  • using Golden Time, linked to the ‘Good to be Green’ System
  • informing parents
  • recognition in assemblies

When a child forgets a classroom or whole school rule, or breaks it on purpose, sanctions will be used fairly and consistently. It is important to continue to reward and encourage a child for their good behaviour.

Sanctions include planned ignoring; non verbal signals e.g. a frown, praising others who are behaving well; verbal warning; reminding the child of our aims/rules; private discussion about why the behaviour is unacceptable and giving the consequences of further poor behaviour; change of position within the learning environment; loss of privilege e.g. child kept in for part of playtime and discussion of concerns with parent/carer.

You can read the full Behaviour Policy by viewing or downloading using the link below.